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Kali - Zoka - Full Face Helmet - Matte Black/Grey Stripe

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Whether you are shredding downhill or gearing up your grom, the Zoka is one tough helmet to beat. Kali has added a low density layer to the Zoka. Kali’s proven protection is delivered to you in this lightweight full-face helmet. The Zoka is ready for anything and everything; your first shred session, laps at the bike park or your victory lap on the BMX circuit. Kali Protectives came from a breakthrough in safety technology - Composite Fusion, a process that bonds the helmet shell and foam enabling us to use a thinner shell, creating a lighter stronger helmet. Lighter and stronger means a safe helmet with less mass attached to your head.


Technology: Traditional Construction
Material: ABS Shell, EPS Foam
Vents: 6 helmet, 6 Chin Bar
Weight: 980 g / 34.6 oz.
Certifications: EN 1078, CPSC, AS/NZS 2063-2008
Intented Use: Downhill, Enduro, Trail, BMX Racing



  • Adjustable Moto-style visor
  • Anti-microbial Pads
  • Removable/Washable Liner
  • Covered by the Lifetime Crash Replacement (LCR) Policy

Low density layer
Simply put, LDL started out with the idea of putting a low density liner inside Kali helmets to suck up the energy from a low-g hit to the head. Your helmet is there to take the beating for you when you hit your head, hard. LDL is there to soften the bumps you get that are not near the forces that compress or damage the foam in your helmet. It turns out that Low-g hits, especially when received repeatedly, turn into serious concussion damage to your brain.

The data shows the majority of impacts from accidents are happening at much lower-g forces than the standards are testing for. And thus Kali are huge advocates for getting softer materials into their helmets and closer to your head. The LDL reduces rotational impact forces up to 25%, and reduces low-g linear forces up to 30%.

Kali continues to test and experiment with materials and the design of LDL materials in the helmets and they won't stop. Afterall, they are an engineering driven company whose focus is developing the next generation of industry leading safety technologies.

Lifetime crash replacement
You crash it. Kali replaces. It's that simple. Kali doesn't do this as a marketing stunt or because they have lost their minds.

Kali does this because what they learn from crashed helmets informs everything they do. Kali has you return your crashed helmets so they can take them back into the lab to cut them open, measure them, and dissect them. Then they use the information they gather from the unlucky few who test these helmets in ways they cannot recreate to build the next generation of Kali helmets.

Of course, Kali prefers you never have to use the Lifetime Crash Replacement policy and suggest you replace your Kali helmets at respectable intervals. Let them reiterate once again, please leave the testing to Kali.

Comprehensive protection strategy
When Kali designs helmets, they take into consideration all types of crash scenarios from twisting and turning, to rotational and sideways, and especially the types of accidents that are indescribable. They account for impacts of all shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, this is what keeps Kali Protectives founder, Brad Waldron, awake at night.

The company realize there are a lot of "trends" and "buzzwords" saturating the bicycle industry and helmets are not immune to this manufacturing approach, but Kali has no interest in integrating technology into these helmets simply to create a marketing opportunity, follow a trend, or sticker the boxes with fancy terminology.

Kali`s strategy is to constantly be rethinking, reworking, and testing to make sure these helmets keep your brain as safe as possible as well as stay up with the latest style trends. The goal is to create the safest helmets on the market, so you have peace of mind while out on your favorite roads, trails, and jumps.

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